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This map displays election violence that occurred during the 20 General Elections between 1832 and December 1910. It contains around 3000 events, ranging from outright riots involving multiple deaths, to minor incidents, such as the breaking of windows.

On the bottom of the page, the map can be filtered by election year(s), and by selecting/deselecting four approximate intensity of event levels (ranging from riots to individual acts of violence).

At the top right of the page, the map is searchable by constituency, town/borough, and village location. At the top left the historic county boundaries (default) can be changed to constituency boundaries.

More details regarding default settings and how to explore the map can be found HERE

If you have any suggested violent events to add to the map, or wish to make us aware of mistakes or inaccuracies regarding the displayed election violence events, please do not hesitate to contact us at