Workshop – “Causes and Consequences of Election Violence: Present and Past”

In collaboration with the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD), the research team for the Victorian Election Violence project recently held a workshop exploring the causes and consequences of contemporary and historical election violence in London.

The aim of the workshop was to bring together practitioners and academics to exchange insights on the causes and consequences of election violence, and how to go about eradicating it.

The morning was dedicated to informational exchange, beginning with an overview of existing academic work on the phenomenon across disciplines.  This was followed by several speakers giving short presentations on their own connections and interest in electoral violence in the present day.  These included representatives from organisations such as the Westminster Foundation for Democracy. Department for International Development, US Institute for Peace, Peace Direct, and Creative Associates.

The afternoon was dedicated to discussing our ongoing research project, and what questions practitioners would like this research to address, in order to inform their practice.

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